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Ember.js Browser Support Policy

For evergreen browsers, the minimum version of the browser that we support can be determined at the time of every minor release, following this formula:

Whichever browser version is greater/more recent out of the following, given that the owning entity (e.g.: Apple, Google, Mozilla) still supports the version

  1. The lowest/least recent version that fulfills any one of these properties:
    • It is the latest version of the browser.
    • It is the latest LTS/extended support version of the browser (such as Firefox ESR).
    • It has at least 0.25% of global marketshare usage across mobile and desktop, based on statcounter.
  2. The minimum version supported in the previous release

Supported evergreen browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for desktop, mobile, and testing. Additionally, Microsoft Edge is supported for desktop.

Currently we support one non-evergreen browser: Apple Safari on desktop and mobile. Support is locked at a specific major version, and we support all major versions above that version.

Note: Within a major version of a browser, we only support the most recent patch release.

Zoey says...
As of the RFC Treat Safari as an Evergreen Browser, at version 6.0.0 of Ember, Safari will be considered evergreen so the minimum supported Safari version will change based on the above formula.

Other browsers may work with Ember.js, but are not explicitly supported. If you would like to add support for a new browser, please submit an RFC for discussion!

Browser Support by Major Ember Version

Ember 5.x

  • Desktop
    • Google Chrome >= 103
    • Mozilla Firefox >= 102
    • Microsoft Edge >= 110
    • Safari >= 12
  • Mobile
    • Google Chrome >= 112
    • Mozilla Firefox >= 110
    • Safari >= 12
  • Testing
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox

Ember 4.x

  • Desktop
    • Google Chrome >= 92
    • Mozilla Firefox >= 91
    • Microsoft Edge >= 93
    • Safari >= 12
  • Mobile
    • Chrome Android >= 96
    • Firefox Android >= 94
    • Safari >= 12
  • Testing
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox

Ember 3.x

The first Ember major version to be covered by the New Browser Support Policy was 4.0.0. The following browser support numbers are not official and are estimated based on the CI testing matrix for the 3.x series.

  • Google Chrome >= 62
  • Mozilla Firefox >= 57
  • Microsoft Edge >= 14
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari >= 8