Ember.js Release Cycle

Released May 14th
The path to 3.11.0...
beta 1
(current beta)
beta 2
(May 20th)
beta 3
beta 4
beta 5
beta 6
Coming the week of Jun 24th

Ember releases follow a "train" release model. About every six weeks, the master branch of Ember (sometimes referred to as "canary") branches to become the new beta. After six weeks as a beta, this version becomes the new stable release of Ember.

A release of a new Ember version is only considered complete when a release blog post is published. Since multiple libraries make up a release, including `ember.js`, `ember-data`, `ember-cli`, and documentation, the release occurs in steps throughout a week-long window. Developers are encouraged to monitor the release blog posts for the official announcement before upgrading their apps. Release dates may shift as needed, but developers can expect roughly eight minor releases per year.

LTS (Long Term Support) releases are done at least every four minor versions, plus the last version before a new major release. An LTS release receives security updates for 9 release cycles (54 weeks) and bugfixes for 5 release cycles (30 weeks).

LTS Support Schedule
LTS Version Released Bugfixes until: Security patches until:
3.8 Feb 2019 Sep 2019 Feb 2020
3.4 Oct 2018 May 2019 Oct 2019
2.18 Feb 2018 Sept 2018 Feb 2019

The Ember project adheres to semantic versioning. Releases are named according to a MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH scheme, and only MAJOR versions releases may change or remove public APIs after deprecation. MINOR versions may introduce new features so long as they are backwards compatible, and PATCH releases may include bug or security fixes.


Canary builds are the bleeding edge of Ember development. Please do not use these builds unless you want to try out and offer feedback on new features and fixes not available in the Release or Beta builds.


The latest beta release is 3.11.0-beta.1, made 2 months ago

Beta builds incorporate new features that are ready for evaluation in application code. We do not recommend using Beta builds in production.


The latest stable release is 3.10.0, made on May 14th, 2019

Release builds have been hardened through our multi-tiered release process. These builds are perfect for use in production environments.

Long-Term Support (LTS)

The latest LTS release is 3.8.1, made on April 2nd, 2019

The LTS channel provides a longer support timeframe but receives new features less frequently. These builds are right for users who prefer to upgrade roughly twice a year.

Periodically, various APIs in Ember may be deprecated. As new releases of Ember and Ember Data land, be sure to review the deprecation guides and documentation guides. These are updated regularly.