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Canary Channel

Canary releases are generated from each commit to the master branch of Ember and Ember Data. They may contain unstable features.

Using Ember canary builds with Ember CLI

# Install the latest Ember canary:
npm install --save-dev

Using Ember Data canary builds with Ember CLI

# Install the latest Ember-Data canary:
npm install --save-dev emberjs/data#master

What is canary?

"Canary" refers to whatever code is on the main branch of an Ember project. It is not released via npm, and is not recommended for production or new learners. Often, features in canary are a work-in-progress. These work-in-progress features may change substantially or be removed before being released, and in rare cases, the features may never be released.

Canary is used in many test suites, so that any bugs in the framework code are detected quickly and fixed before a beta is released. Some of Ember's key contributors make a habit of working off beta and canary in order to volunteer their efforts as early testers.