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Release Channel

Releases are production-ready versions of Ember and Ember Data that have been through a six-week beta cycle.

How to Install


# Install Ember 5.10.0:
npm install --save-dev ember-source@~5.10.0

Read the changelog for Ember 5.10.0.

Ember Data

# Install Ember Data 5.3.0:
npm install --save-dev ember-data@~5.3.0

Read the changelog for Ember Data 5.3.0.

What is a stable release?

A stable release is a version of Ember that you can feel confident using in production. If you are learning Ember for the first time, this is the recommended version to use.

For a new feature to be included in a stable release, it first has to spend six weeks in "beta," being reviewed and tested by developers who use it in real-world applications. Stable releases come about every six weeks, but that can vary if there are bugs to iron out in the beta.

A release is considered "done" when it has a Release Blog Post to go with it, so you should wait to upgrade your app until that post goes out. It signals that the new version is ready in the Ember.js codebase, Ember CLI, and Ember Data.