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A project to learn who is using Ember and how.

Tomster and Friends

Totally Anonymous

No personal identification is attached to survey responses. Last year, over 1000 participants shared information about themselves, their businesses, and applications.

Emberconf Crowd

Please Share

To ensure the survey captures a fair measure of our community, please share this page on your social networks and with your local communities!

Emberconf during talk

Results at EmberConf

At EmberConf, the results to the 2021 survey will be shared with a comparison to the 2020 results. Detailed aggregate and individual responses will also be made public.

Photos by Jeremy Green

Please share this survey on social media and at work.

Questions? Feedback? Please join us in the #dev-ember-learning channel on the Discord community chat, or email the survey team via

See you at EmberConf 2021!